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          I am an innovative rebel scientist with a background in a broad range of fields including unified physics, human anatomy and physiology, oncology, microbiology, geology, biology, chemistry, mathematics, psychology, sociology, politics, and philosophy. I have accomplished great things in the realms of social and physical sciences. I tapped the collective unconscious to unify physics and open up the gateway to many great technologies. Of course great technologies still need great funding to rise into existence. I am now trying to help people to relax and more effectively cure cancers naturally!

          I came up with my own curative cancer treatment that was confirmed by two professors of microbiology from two different universities who both told me that I needed to write a book about it to copyright my idea rather than enter it into an inventor's contest as I was initially thinking. When I approached each professor of microbiology at different times with my hypothetical treatment I made their eyes literally bug far enough out their faces to push their glasses down their nose! After writing my book and copyrighting my curative cancer treatment method I sent it off to the National Insistute of Health, US Health and Human Services, National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, American Society of Clinical Oncology, American Medical Association, and a few other major medical institutes that I thought would truly be interested in curing cancers. Sadly, none of them wanted to act to try it and begin performing experiments to see if it would work. Modern cancer treatments are a $100,000,000,000+ profit per year business, as well as a population control, that the government, none of those groups, and medicine want to give up due to effective cancer cures that would also put many of them out of business! Over the last few years I have found many other natural curative cancer treatments that have already been shown to work well to effectively treat and cure cancers at very little cost!!
          During that same inventor's contest that I was trying to enter my curative cancer treatment I also came up with a design for a vehicle that could travel faster than the speed of light. Of course, I also needed to get approval from the physics professor at my university. He said, "Oh my God I think that might actually work! How did you come up with this idea?" After I described how I came up with my design idea and answered a few of his other questions he told me that I had likely come up with a truly unified theory of physics which is something that science has been trying to accomplish for decades!! He also noted that I had obviously never formally taken a physics class before, as I was forced to graduate high school early, since my theory is so original and not based at all on current theories physics. He is the only other person besides those two professors of microbiology I have witnessed who's eyes have literally bugged out of their face far enough to push his glasses down his nose! He also told me that I needed to write a book to copyright my unified theory of physics so that nobody else could ever take credit for it when the technologies that I have proven to be absolutely possible start to be produced and change the world forever!!

          Now, I am trying to generate funding to begin unified physics experiments. I am also here to help everybody use and benefit from my websites. The products and services are here for you to benefit from and enjoy. I believe that earth can become a better place, even with some crazy leaders and groups in places around the globe. I hope that I live to see the beginning of a big change in capitalism as material possessions and supplies become nearly effortless to create with replicators, as well as seeing an end to world hunger using the technology! As replicators are created, the dollar will be worth more with all products costing much less to create. Then we can also end all waste with creation of disintegrators. The new job industry that will open up due to unified physics will be manned deep space exploration missions as space ships will be able to travel many times the speed of light! Kind of like Star Trek!

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